Digital Transformation Sustainability

Business Digital Transformation and Sustainability Training Advantages

Business Digital Transformation and Sustainability Training. Now a days, businesses are adopting Digital solutions for more sustainability and several trends are perfectly shaping digital transformation in 2023. Did you know? Digital technologies enable you drive sustainability across sectors.

According to Kyndryl’s ASEAN Digital Transformation Study 2022, unitedly with technology analysis and consultatory firm Ecosystm, whereas organizations in association area unit privy to their responsibility to balance property and profitableness, there area unit still challenges that hinder them to line and bring home the bacon their property goals.

Recently it’s been found that a lot of association businesses area unit prioritising property in their digital transformation. With property integral to business choices these days, a lot of organizations area unit taking the initiative to make sure their investments and business plans embrace it. It was past whereby an easy CSR program would be adequate for AN organization’s contribution to society.

According to analysis deploying digital technologies in hard-to-abate sectors – energy, materials and quality – might scale back emissions by the maximum amount as 2 hundredth by 2050. Digital technologies will facilitate shut the gap to deliver decarbonisation.

Interested in Business Digital Transformation with Sustainability?

We at Tonex offer a 2 days course where the participants will have good opportunities to learn about,

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • What are the advantages for businessess?
  • How to perform Digital Transformation?
  • Which professionals need adequate knowledge?
  • Digital Transformation 101
  • Vision For The Future Digital Environment
  • Digital Transformation And Technology-Enabled Disruptions And Enablers

3 workshops are available

  • Workshop 1: Digital Transformation Value Creation
  • Workshop 2: Implementing Digital Transformation
  • Workshop 3: Leading Transformation

Contact us for more information. You can fix any barriers what stop your business to be transformed. Tonex can help.

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