Business Management Mini-MBA Program for Military and Veterans

This is really a good program for the military veterans. Business Management for Military and Veterans Mini-MBA program is an intense 5-day program designed specifically for military and veterans. This program is best for the veterans who are actively looking for an alternative to a traditional MBA degree program focusing on business theory and the key areas of business, technology and management.

Mini MBA in Business Leadership,

Online Study From Home. Kick-start your career – from wherever you are! Quality education does not need to be expensive. This program will help to gain effective communication skills to be proficient at persuading and  motivating. Eventually, you need improve your top skills like,

  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Making a bold first impression
  • How to avoid miscommunication
  • How to improve productivity of interactions

Learn all good concepts and ideas are sold internally just as services and products are sold externally. Tonex covers more than you think. Learn how to successfully apply military strategies and tools to business situations. Military veterans can also expect to have greater insights into buying stocks and indices based on sound investment choices.

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Learn more about military business leadership. Understand the “Military Strategy vs. Business Strategy”, “Process and Methods”.

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