5G Cloud & Edge Computing Training

5G Cloud & Edge

2 day training

5G Cloud & Edge Computing Training is a 2 day training course by Tonex. 5G Mobile Edge Computing Training and Certification. The cloud data centers where data can be stored are known as mobile edge clouds. This course will help all the participants to understand how 5G is enabling the integration of diverse technologies like AI, robotics, cloud, and edge computing.

5G Cloud Edge Training

5G Will Enhance AI

Learn how you can receive training in 5G NR Multi-Access Edge Computing with Tonex Digital Technologies. Fundamentals of Edge Computing training course will introduce participants to Edge Computing and its application in 5G including Multi-access edge computing (MEC) computing and Mobile Edge Computing.

You can also Learn how 5G NR multi-access edge computing (MEC) brings applications, storage, switching, and control functions closer to the location where they’re needed, improving data processing and reducing latency.

Edge computing doesn’t mean the cloud will disappear. It means the cloud is coming to you. Attend this course and learn all the essential things about 5G technology followed by mobile edge computing.

Course recommended for

  • Network Engineer & Architect
  • Product engineer & designer
  • Systems engineer
  • Healthcare technician
  • Mechanical/ Trouble-shooting professional 
  • Engineering Project management chief
  • RF engineers & scientists,
  • Software testing engineers, analysts,
  • Engineering managers,
  • Antenna technicians,
  • Field measurement technicians
  • Project planners

Program Outline

  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • Edge Computing basics & Use-Cases
  • Benefits of Edge Computing & Types of Edge
  • Edge Deployment Modes / Solutions
  • 5G Edge Computing
  • Fundamentals of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Mobile Edge Computing Fundamentals

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