6G Migration Training

5G to 6G Migration

2 day training

5G to 6G migration is a 2 day course presented by Tonex. You may ask, Is not 5G fast enough? Why moving to 6G technology? Because, human being expect more steps to be unlocked with much productivity and facilities. 6G is not too far. The 6G architecture should be sufficiently flexible and efficient so as to enable easy integration of everything, i.e., a network of networks, …

5G to 6G Migration Training

5G Migration to 6G

Now, industry has already begun turning its attention towards 6G. Cycles of technology development follow unified arcs and the lessons learned from previous experience could provide a guide for how 6G will develop, and more importantly, who will dominate the field.

Today, 5G promises to create a foundation for IoT connected devicessmart citiesartificial intelligence (AI), and advancements in autonomous vehicles and health care. But looking ahead, even the improved speeds, lower latency, and expanded capacity of 5G networks will not be sufficient for many of the technologies.

6G is really not too far. The 6G architecture should be sufficiently flexible and efficient enough so as to enable easy integration of everything, such as  network of networks.

Course recommended for

  • API Designers, Enterprise Architects,
  • API Developers, SOA Architects, Solutions Architects
  • Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts
  • Network engineer, systems engineer, analyst,
  • Govt, DoD professionals, Cyber law enforcement team.
  • Anyone creating or responding to a procurement request
  • Anyone involved in managing or developing a support architecture

Program Outline

  • 6G fundamentals, networks
  • Learn how to perform migration from 5G to 6G?
  • 6G business technology advantages
  • 5G/6G workshop and case-studies.

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