Development and Productivity

Digital Personal Transformation: Development and Productivity

2 day training

Digital Personal Transformation: Development and Productivity is a 2 day course presented by Tonex. A successful digital transformation should lead to higher employee engagement by empowering employees to make informed decisions quickly, which allows them to experience a collaborative work environment that enables them to share innovative ideas that lead to healthy business growth.

Transforming Your Digital Development

Digital Development and Productivity

The Benefits of Digital Transformation are many. It increases Customer Satisfaction, Drives Data-Based Insights, Enables Software Monetization, Enables High-Quality User Experience. Also encourages Collaboration & Improves Communication and increases Agility.

Increase your efficiency, greater business agility and, ultimately, the unlocking of new value for employees, customers and shareholders.

The impact of digital transformation on business leads to global leadership and growth.

Course recommended for

  • Business professionals
  • HRM/ Executive team
  • Projet management professional
  • Marketing division
  • Marketing/ strategist/ researcher

Program Outline

  • Fundamentals of digital personal transformation
  • How to transform your development digitally?
  • Strategy/ tricks/ improvement guidelines
  • Workshop and case-studies.

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