Digital Research Tools

Digital Research - Tools and Approach

2 day training

Digital Research – Tools and Approach is a 2 day course presented by Tonex. Learn the ways to perform Digital Research with recommended Tools. Apply social science researchers knowledge in your next project.

Digital Research Tools and Approach

Digital Research Tools

Digital Research & the social sciences. How can digital tools help social science researchers? How to use digital tools for research? 

There are few ways in which digital technology can help research: Community and collaboration, Search and retrieval of information, The ability to use data in new and creative ways, The ability to capture paintings, ancient texts, manuscripts, and other objects in digital form. 

Digital technologies are being used widely in the social sciences to such an extent that the term “e-social science” has been coined. There are also a number of large-scale projects on the subject being undertaken, especially in the Australia, UK, & Canada.

Course recommended for

  • Marketing professional
  • Marketing project manager
  • Branding/ strategist professional
  • Digital Project management

Program Outline

  • Fundamentals of digital tools and research.
  • How to improve digital research with tools?
  • Digital Research Techniques & guidelines.
  • The world of linked data
  • Visualization tools and simulations
  • Workshop/ Case-studies

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