Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Sustainability

2 day training

Digital Transformation Sustainability is a 2 day course by Tonex. Digital transformation is the method of using digital technologies to form new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and client experiences to fulfill dynamic business and market needs.

Digital Transformation Sustainability

Be a Digital Transformation Professional

So as for a corporation to design a digital strategy and provides its company the power to live progress and create period of time changes to enhance outcome, a change vision should be in situ.  Senior management should produce, articulate, and communicate the compelling future digital vision.

Sustainable digital transformation or Digital Transformation property is about doing the correct issue by building the issue right. It involves pondering the neutral impact of not solely what you build, however, however you build it. Digital transformation makes a lot of knowledge out there to organizations in order that they will analyze that processes or techniques are more efficient.

If a business isn’t online today, it is like it doesn’t exist anywhere. In any business, the customers and even the potential employees benefit from digital advancements.

Course recommended for

  • IT and business professionals
  • chief information officers
  • senior information assurance officers
  • business analysts, procurement, acquisition
  • Marketing professional
  • Marketing project manager
  • Branding/ strategist professional
  • Digital Project management

Program Outline

  • Digital Transformation 101
  • Vision for the Future Digital Environment
  • Digital Transformation and Technology-Enabled Disruptions and Enablers
  • Workshop 1: Digital Transformation Value Creation
  • Workshop 2: Implementing Digital Transformation
  • Workshop 3: Leading Transformation

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