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Digital Twin in Manufacturing

2 day training

Digital Twin in Manufacturing is a 2 day course presented by Tonex. Digital Twins: New Technology That Has Doubled in Importance Digital Twins have become doubly important to organizations. Ley principles of Digital Twins and how it relates to integration of Digital Engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Digital Twins in Manufacturing Industry

Digital Twins Engineer

Digital Twin technology goes a long way in helping organization get new answers to new questions as well as test new ideas and uncover problems before they happen.

Digital twins provide a virtual copy of your actual plant. They are the digital representation of the physical assets that keep your production facilities operating.

Learn How can digital twins help the manufacturing industry? Digital twin creates the virtual model of physical entity in digital way, promotes the interaction and integration of physical world and information world, and builds a reliable bridge for industrial information integration.

By modeling highly complex processes from their plants, manufacturers can easily determine inefficiencies and address them. Digital twins enable manufacturing companies to proactively monitor equipment condition, identify potential failures, and reduce downtime.

Course recommended for

  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Production engineer
  • Product engineer & designer
  • Systems engineer
  • Mechanical/ Trouble-shooting professional 
  • Engineering Project management chief

Program Outline

  • Digital Twin 101
  • Types of Digital Twins
  • Digital Twin Market and Industries
  • Practical Applications

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