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Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a well-structured and formalized methodology. It supports the requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation associated with the development of complex systems. Model Based Systems Engineering is a multi-disciplinary approach with the goal to develop a balanced system solution so that it can respond to various stakeholders’ needs.



MBSE is a term that predicates the use of modelling to analyze and document key aspects of the Systems Engineering Lifecycle. It is broad in scope, spanning the SE lifecycle and covering levels from System of Systems to individual components.

MBSE always helps the engineer to keep track of complex systems. Also helps to understand the context and the specification – in order to be able to fulfill all defined requirements. While traditional methods of systems engineering are paper or document based, the MBSE design process based on digital models. This allows for a better handling of complexity and facilitates information exchange among disciplines.

MBSE & SysML courses will introduce you with the notions and philosophies behind Model-Based System Engineering. They also review the tools, models and requirements associated with MBSE in various fields.

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