Embedded Software Engineering Cybersecurity Training

Embedded Software Engineering Cybersecurity and Development Case Study and Workshop. Cybersecurity and risk management are important aspects of embedded software engineering, which is a field that integrates software engineering with devices that are not computers. Cybersecurity for embedded software focuses on protecting a system from all sorts of malicious behavior, including attacks on the software itself.

Normally, cybersecurity specialists work with software design teams to ensure the embedded software has the necessary security mechanisms in place. In this course, you’ll learn how to integrate cybersecurity into your embedded systems designs while also maintaining system functionality and performance.


Your benefits from this training

You will be learning Fundamentals of cybersecurity, embedded software security requirements, software analysis and design, vulnerabilities, cyber security threats, risks, mitigation strategies, and defensive tools.


Course designed for:

Attendees should include software designers, developers, security professionals, and project managers.


Course Topics:

  • Embedded Cybersecurity 101
  • Embedded Systems and Software 101
  • Primary Stages of the Embedded Software Life Cycle
  • Introduction to Embedded Software Engineering Cybersecurity
  • Building an Efficient Embedded System Design and Software Development Process
  • Language Comparison
  • Embedded Software Engineering Cybersecurity and Development
  • Case Study and Workshop

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